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An artistic collaborative of artists, designers, makers and craftsmen focused on the creation of unique experiences and conceptual environments.  Building moments to be explored and remembered through the conception and creation of custom art installations, interior design, events, set design, styling & visual merchandising.


Behind The Scenes: New Balance Military

Nikole Nelson


Photographer Jeff Harris


As a highly patriotic woman, I jumped at the chance to design the sets for the New Balance U.S. Marine Corps and Navy catalog shoot. The brand vision was rugged, weathered, textured and industrial. To capture the desired energy, set backdrops were fabricated by hand out of concrete board, mortar, joint compound, wood and paint. Dark moody lighting provided shadow and depth as the USMC approved performance model made sprinting and excessive pull-ups look easy. This was a true collaboration bringing together the talents of New Balance Art Director Mark Keegan, Photographer Jeff Harris, Prop Stylist Tiziana Agnello and one crazy Hawaiian girl on sets (that would be me). The results were HOT HOT HOT!

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