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An artistic collaborative of artists, designers, makers and craftsmen focused on the creation of unique experiences and conceptual environments.  Building moments to be explored and remembered through the conception and creation of custom art installations, interior design, events, set design, styling & visual merchandising.


Project Rental

Nikole Nelson


Where do you find your inspiration? Give me an old dusty warehouse, peeling paint, city street grime, a construction site garbage bin, a farm with weathered wood structures, a simple walk on the beach, or hike through nature and I dive into the visual. This is when I realize I will never be ordinary; normal girls don't seek out junkyards and industrial factories to hunt for treasure or spend hours obsessing over the growth pattern of moss covered tree trunks. Then again normality does not usually encompass finding more joy in a new table saw than a sweet piece of jewelry. Thanks Dad! So what is Project Rental? An opportunity for me to design, sculpt, paint and fabricate my little heart out. It’s essentially a platform for self-expression. Brings me back to my hippy artist days, working the gallery circuit in Maui, except now the pieces are for rent. After multiple requests from industry leading stylists and photographers, I've decided to go for it! This week marks the production launch of Project Rental where I'll be fabricating over 25 backdrops seeped in the textures and colors of my inspirations. It’s just the beginning of course. Stay tuned for fabulousness!