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An artistic collaborative of artists, designers, makers and craftsmen focused on the creation of unique experiences and conceptual environments.  Building moments to be explored and remembered through the conception and creation of custom art installations, interior design, events, set design, styling & visual merchandising.


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Beauty and Essex

Nikole Nelson

Interior Design by AvroKO With over 20,000 restaurants to choose from in New York City it is rare that I dine out and am still thinking about it a week later. Beauty and Essex is an experience from start to finish. In chic New York fashion you enter the Lower East side location through what appears to be a pawnshop; an odd start to a night out in heels. As the backdoor parts an interior design gem strikes you with the full force of its elegance. Fur lined walls wrap the curve of the staircase, taking all your will power not to caress them as you pass the elongated glowing pink chandelier. Every layer of the design is seamless, the food FABULOUS (I highly recommend the lobster tacos) and in the ladies lounge there is a free champagne bar! Beauty and Essex has risen to the top of my list for all things decadent and delicious. I can't wait to go back! See you there.
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