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An artistic collaborative of artists, designers, makers and craftsmen focused on the creation of unique experiences and conceptual environments.  Building moments to be explored and remembered through the conception and creation of custom art installations, interior design, events, set design, styling & visual merchandising.


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Gettin Our Street Art On!

Nikole Nelson


We started the New Year off with a bang, beautifying New Balance's Corporate headquarters in Boston. Street art techniques were used in their stairwells to showcase vintage and modern NB athlete prints. We installed, aged and texured them, bringing to life a rich surface treatment that emphasized the restored brick architecture. Cheers to another successful project highlighting the rich history of the NB legacy.

Behind the Scenes: Brick aging & wood panel build

Nikole Nelson

1_14_Capture One 0023-FINALa.jpg

Raw space with multiple brick facades at varying stages of aging and plywood blocking for wood panels. Liz takes a dust free breather.


Pre-treated brick - it's a mess!


It was insane how many different types of brick/stone there were in one space - 7 in total! The history and architecture revealed itself one layer at a time. A true challenge to merge the varieties in tone and aged appearance using mortar, paint and other tricks of the trade.


While Liz and I were up high painting the brick, Jenny was hard at work mixing just the right shades of grey for us to keep the progress moving through the night.


Completed brick tones!


Sketch reflecting aged brick walls with intermittent wood panels on which to highlight merchandise.  And our sturdy, yet feminine hard hats.  We can be safe AND look hot!


Measuring and designing the reclaimed wood plank patterns to be used for the large-scale wood panels.


In the background are my collaborators Kirsten Marchand, NB Senior Store Planner and our talented carpenter Sal. 


Sal refers to my printed template to ensure correct placement of each plank. He rocked AND he let me use his pneumatic nail gun to secure the final structure! Hot damn it was powerful! 

8_IMG_9742 copya.jpg

I never tire of seeing the vision come to life!


Behind the Scenes: New Balance Experience Store

Nikole Nelson

Photograph by Jeff Harris

Harnessing the power of the retail experience we imparted an organic, deconstructed, visual journey through the evolution of the brand at the recently opened New Balance NYC Experience Store on 5th Avenue in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.


Raw site pre-construction.


Nelson's early concept sketch for rear wall of store.


Design development sample focusing on movement and texture.


Drawing in breakaway design before brick work begins.


Mortar application and final texturing in progress.

Photograph by Jeff Harris

This takes my love of mortar, concrete, dirt, texture and RED to a new level. Collaborating with skilled masons the back wall was built to mimic the existing brick throughout the space dating back to the 1800's. Layers where the key to authenticity - mortar was custom tinted, thickly applied and strategically scraped after drying. It was labor intensive and pretty damn crazy - my entire team is now equipped with ripped arms as a result of this process! Who needs the gym when you have the summer of New Balance brick lovin!

Inspiration took seed in a matter of seconds as I stood in the raw space, with architectural drawings by retail masters Cormark, in hand. Scanning the space meticulously I calculated the imagery of each wall - the demolition was gorgeous. Areas of the wall were ripped open revealing the inner workings of the structure. It was like a day in heaven - I love all things deconstructed. From the walls of the architecture itself the movement of the red breakaway was born. Pepper in the collaborative layers of signage by IDL, visual merchandising displays by Knock and the sickest texture mapping a girl has ever seen by KLIP and you find an experience worth craving.

More behind the scenes at the New Balance NYC Experience Store to follow in the coming week. Stay tuned!

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Behind the Scenes: New Balance Wellness

Nikole Nelson


Photographer Peter Z. Jones


For the New Balance Wellness catalog shoot I designed and fabricated a 12ft X 8ft wall. The scale was massive and the effect was dramatic. Homasote bricks were cut in varying sizes and layered to form 3 levels of depth. A mixture of joint compound and mortar emulated an aged surface, while paint unified the tonality and further increased shadows.

Team: Art Director: Mark Keegan. Photographer: Peter Z. Jones.

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Behind The Scenes: New Balance Military

Nikole Nelson

Photographer Jeff HarrisAs a highly patriotic woman, I jumped at the chance to design the sets for the New Balance U.S. Marine Corps and Navy catalog shoot. The brand vision was rugged, weathered, textured and industrial. To capture the desired energy, set backdrops were fabricated by hand out of concrete board, mortar, joint compound, wood and paint. Dark moody lighting provided shadow and depth as the USMC approved performance model made sprinting and excessive pull-ups look easy. This was a true collaboration bringing together the talents of New Balance Art Director Mark Keegan, Photographer Jeff Harris, Prop Stylist Tiziana Agnello and one crazy Hawaiian girl on sets (that would be me). The results were HOT HOT HOT! View full project at:
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