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An artistic collaborative of artists, designers, makers and craftsmen focused on the creation of unique experiences and conceptual environments.  Building moments to be explored and remembered through the conception and creation of custom art installations, interior design, events, set design, styling & visual merchandising.

Project Template

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROJECT - Design and production of 70’X14’ mural for the center’s swim team, the Stingrays. Executed project with SCAD NYC Alumni and CAS Volunteers.

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  2. Name the new page in the Pages admin section, and then begin editing the new page by doing the following steps.

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  1. Replace the heading "Project Title" with the name of the project.
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    E.g., Interiors & Installation; Sets, Events & Styling; Products; or Giving Back.
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  3. Edit (open) the Gallery block, remove the imaeg placeholders and add your project images.
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  7. Delete these instructions

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Add a description about the project here. Photography by some awesome photographer.